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Stage Plot

"The band brings an energetic, alternative and exciting performance"

                                           -Trinity Journal

"An acoustic record with an edge, rounded out with a beautiful accompaniment of horns."

                               -Miracle Mile Records

"Making their presence, showing their grit and charisma..."

                                       -4th Corner Music

Merit Parcel, Alternative Indie Rock and Roll Band from Hayfork, Ca, continues to stride with their Cursive Style and Guthrie attitude.

Living and working down the dirt roads of Northern California's Trinity county M.P. has found an invigorating attitude towards self expression and a driving voice toward motivation.


Since the release of front man and project leader Shawn Hill's solo album - Merit Parcel "Missed the Band Wagon" - Trinity county musicians Ron Baca, Loren O'Brien, Taylor Aglipay, and Ben Desmond have come together, piece at a time, to push forward and contribute to the common mind drive and aspiration in musical definition and goals to create an exciting and entertaining live performance.


In June of 2018 the band released the full length studio album "Out for Delivery" Immediately followed by a successful North West Tour. The band continued touring through the 2019 year with shows stretching from Seattle to L.A. building a following and gaining a presence.


Now with the year 2022 upon them the band is back in the studio recording their third studio album and booking tour dates.

Riding the musical wave Merit Parcel delivers a tangible piece of appreciation to the doors of a forging new generation.

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