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Official Release-Merit Parcel "Missed the Band Wagon" LP

From a dirt road in Northern California delivered with care to your senses via decade’s old frequencies – we introduce you to the music of Merit Parcel and their debut album Missed The Band Wagon.

Merit Parcel, the stage and band name for the artist Shawn Hill, has an original sound with influences from Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse and Bright Eyes . Finding solidarity and a voice in the pines of Trinity County California, by way of Yakima, Washington, the album features Hill (lead vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion, acoustic bass, piano and keys), Frank Eller (Sax), and Paul Senn (Trumpet) with special guest Bruce Turgon (piano). A blend of sound within the songs, Missed The Band Wagon is an alternative folk-rock LP “illustrating a relieving character of optimism” that showcases Merit Parcel’s artistic take on music and life’s roller coaster journey with adventures and relationships. It’s an acoustic record with an edge, rounded out with a beautiful accompaniment of horns. You can hear Merit Parcel’s inspiration from other young music troubadours and their ambition “Don’t wait for affirmation, just let yourself go in your own direction”.

Order your copy of Merit Parcel "Missed the Band Wagon" Today.

Available for sale or digital download from - cdbaby - itunes

Tune in and listen to Merit Parcel on Spotify - itunes - Pandora

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