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2018 Tour dates TBA

Merit Parcel, you may have been wondering, what are they up to? Is M.P. playing more shows this year? What about a new album? I would like to stay updated with current events with M.P., can I subscribe to a newsletter?

We had a short chance to ask Merit about his plans for the year and direction with the band and was excited to see an ambitious and intriguing outlook on this years goals.

Although he wasn't able to disclose all the details in specific about this years events we were assured that M.P. has plans to release a new album June 1st and Tour dates to coincide.

"We are ramping up the stage, dialing in productions, and challenging the indie industry with motivation..." Merit told us in a recent interview. "We have been spending a large amount of effort and time this winter honing in the experience of Merit Parcel. We really want to deliver a rewarding experience to the listener or viewer to take with them."

Ready with a fire to take on the year ahead with plans to push forward in the indie music scene Merit Parcel will be a band to keep your eye on.

Stay updated and subscribe to all the latest M.P. news, Tour dates, Album Releases and more at

-4th Corner Music

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