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Merit Parcel Climbing the Ladder

Merit Parcel, an acoustic based alternative rock band from Trinity County Ca., has been making their presence, showing their grit and charisma, pushing forward in the local music scene the past year with their live presentation of M.P.'s latest album "Missed the Band Wagon".

(Video credit: Zachary Marlow, Tally, Shawn Hill)

Their sold out concert, Oct. 20th, at Northern Delights music venue, (Shown in the Video above) Hayfork Ca., was well reciprocated by a growing and loving following and showed a clear example of their hard work and dedication to the craft they love.

Merit Parcel band members Shawn Hill (Lead vox, guitar), Loren O'Brien (Vox, Bass) Ron Baca Jr. (Guitar), Taylor Aglipay (Sax, Keys), JaneEllen (Percussion), James Johansing (Drums), Sam Mitchell (Sound/Production Man) have decided to get back to the grindstone and spend the winter recording their new tracks for the new album, to be released next year, and gearing up for next years tour.

For show dates, info, news and more stay updated at and be sure to listen and follow on Spotify.

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